Below is a list of physiotherapy services provided at Carlingford Active Health.

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Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilisation & Manipulation Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilisation & Manipulation Soft Tissue Release Techniques Soft Tissue Release Techniques
Muscle Energy Techniques Muscle Energy Techniques Dry Needling Dry Needling
Sports & Kinesio Taping Sports & Kinesio Taping Orthotic Prescription Orthotic Prescription
Running Assessment & Biomechanical Analysis Running Assessment & Biomechanical Analysis Sports Specific Assessments Sports Specific Assessments
Ergonomic Assessments & Posture Correction Ergonomic Assessments & Posture Correction Exercise Prescription Exercise Prescription
Fibreglass Casting Fibreglass Casting Thermoplastic Splinting Thermoplastic Splinting
Proprioception & Balance Exercises Proprioception & Balance Exercises Core Stability Exercises Core Stability Exercises