How long will my appointment be?

Physiotherapy standard consultations are 30 minutes with the treating physiotherapist; however, you may be in the clinic for longer depending on your treatment. If you wish to have a 60 minute consultation, then you may book an extended consultation.

Massage Therapy appointments can be 30 minutes or one hour depending on your needs. Please advise reception staff when booking of the time of booking.

Can I use my private health fund?

Yes, you can use your private health fund. Health funds vary in their coverage of physiotherapy, remedial massage, and pilates in their ancillary or extras cover. It is best to check with your health fund regarding your rebate amounts.

If you are a HCF member, then you are entitled to “More For Muscles”, which allows you to one free initial consultation per calendar year. Please ask our reception staff for more details.

We have HICAPS which allows you to claim your rebates on the spot so you will only need to pay “the gap”

Is physiotherapy covered by Medicare?

Generally, private physiotherapy is not covered through Medicare. However, some patients suffering from chronic conditions may be eligible for a Medicare rebate through the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program. The Medicare rebate is available for a maximum of 5 allied health approved services in a calendar year. The current rebate provided by Medicare is $52.95. Your GP will determine your eligibility and create both a GP Management Plan and Team Care Plan. Please inform our receptionist when making a booking on the phone that you have a CDM Plan and bring along all necessary forms.

Are Medicare Care Plans Bulk-Billed?

Bulk-Billed Medicare Care Plan appointments are available at Carlingford Active Health. However, these appointments are shorter than our standard consultations and are only available Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm.

  • NO bulk-billed appointments on Monday-Friday from 8-10am or 4-7pm
  • NO bulk-billed appointments on Saturday

If you would like to ‘upgrade’ your appointment to the full standard consultation, a ‘gap’ payment is required at the time of your consultation. The current rebate provided by Medicare is $52.95. Please discuss with reception or your physiotherapist if you have any further questions.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral for physiotherapy?

Referral from a GP is not required in the majority of cases. A referral is required if you are claiming through one of the following:

  • Medicare claims (EPC or CDM Program)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • WorkerCover or Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Third Party Claims (CTP)

What do I wear?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing that allows ease of assessment and exposure of the site of injury. Spare shorts and draping are available if required. Please inform the physiotherapist if you require these.

What information do I need to bring to physiotherapy?
  • If your doctor has referred you to physiotherapy, please remember to bring your referral letter
  • Any documents you may have such as insurance claims documents for your Workcover case, EPC or CDM Program
  • Referral to your initial consultation
  • Any scans and results such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs that you may have had. If you have not had any scans, but think you may need one, this can be discussed at the time of your consultation
  • Private health fund card to enable immediate rebate through HICAPs
  • DVA white or gold card and D904 Referral if you are coming as a DVA patient

Are there specialist physiotherapists for specific conditions?

All physiotherapists at Carlingford Active Health have Masters qualifications and are qualified to treat any presenting condition. There may be occasions for very specific conditions where you will be referred to a specialist physiotherapist or another specialist e.g. Sports Physician, for an opinion or treatment.

Do you do home visits?

Carlingford Active Health does provide home physiotherapy services. Physiotherapists are able to visit your home if it is within a close proximity on certain hours of the day (usually during the middle of the day). Physiotherapy treatment sessions are the same length of time and we are able to bring equipment with us. Home visits do, however, have a higher charge. Ask our friendly receptionists any further questions when you are booking your home visit appointment.

Is there a discount for concession and senior cards?

Carlingford Active Health offers discounts to full pension card holders (please present card when asked). We also offer many other discounts to associates or members of local sporting clubs, gyms, etc.

Do you provide treatment for motor vehicle (CTP) and WorkCover claims?

Yes, we provide treatment for both CTP and WorkCover claims. You will need to provide a Doctor’s referral, Case Manager and Claim Number upon your initial appointment. Your physiotherapist will regularly keep in contact with all parties in order to provide you with the best treatment outcomes.

What information do I need to bring for CTP or WorkCover?

You will need to bring with you

  • GP referral letter
  • Claim number
  • Insurance company details
  • Case manager name, contact number, fax number and email address
  • any scans, investigations and results

How many people are in a Pilates Exercise Class?

We have a number of different class structures for Pilates. You can choose any one of these following options

  • one-on-one / Private Pilates class
  • semi-private / 6 persons per class
  • group / 10 persons per class