About Us

Carlingford Active Health provides an individualised holistic service. Our skilled assessment is followed by the latest evidence-based “hands on” treatment. Treatment time is maximised within our practice, with full 30 minute appointment slots, allowing you to have the very best of care. To maintain excellence within our practice, all our physiotherapists have masters qualifications, excelling in their specialist fields.

We specialise in the treatment of sports injuries and the use of muscle energy techniques. Other services include, but are not limited to dry needling, orthotic prescription, plaster casts and splinting. We cater for a wide variety of patients, including Workcover, DVA and Enhanced Primary Care (Medicare) Programs.

At Carlingford Active Health we strive for excellence and efficient communication. Liaison with your treating Doctor is very important to us and all referrals will be accompanied by a detailed letter explaining your individualised diagnosis and treatment approach. This ensures the best possible management for you. Call us today on 02 9873 2770.